Looking For A Concrete Slab Specialist? 

We offer RibRaft flooring slabs, block walls and pile foundations for all your residential construction needs, and we specialise in creating solutions for difficult or unstable building sites.

Our Services

RibRaft Flooring

RibRaft concrete flooring is quick and efficient to lay. It’s also durable and presents a significantly lesser amount of excavated material and waste. It is quickly increasing in popularity throughout New Zealand.

Block Walls & Pile Foundations

Concrete block walls are very commonly used for load bearing walls. These walls are made up of individual concrete blocks reinforced with re-bar, and have many benefits and uses.

We are Based In Dunedin, But We Travel As Far North As Oamaru and South As Balclutha!

A Little More About How We Can Help You

This pod floor system sits on the ground rather than in the ground, making it ideal for New Zealand terrain, as it is created specifically to withstand seismic vibrations.

Our specialty is putting concrete pads on awkward places for residential building sites. We use pile foundations to support the concrete slab when the ground is considered unstable and possibly steep. Our adjustable kickers system ensures our pads are always square and level. 

We also offer block wall and pile foundation services for your convenience.

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