RibRaft Flooring

Ribraft concrete flooring is quick and efficient to lay. It’s also durable and presents a significantly lesser amount of excavated material and waste. It is quickly increasing in popularity throughout New Zealand.


RibRaft flooring is a concrete flooring method that uses a combination of polystyrene pods, steel reinforcing rods, plastic spacers and concrete to work. By fitting all these parts together, a few workers can finish any project quickly and efficiently.

There is no need for workers to dig footings, and all construction occurs above ground. The components are not affected by rain, so wet weather will not slow a project down.


RibRaft flooring is energy efficient, and offers high insulation benefits. It is significantly stronger and more reliable than other concrete methods, which contributes to its high level of resistance to cracking. This also means that RibRaft flooring systems can be built on soils with lower bearing pressures. Because the floor is built on-ground and not in-ground, excavation material and waste is greatly reduced.


Adjustable Kicker Method

Adjustable kickers are steel braces that attach to timber or steel forms. It is much more efficient than timber bracing. We use the adjustable kicker method when preparing concrete pads. This allows us to have the concrete pad completed quickly. It’s faster than the original method of wooden pegs and hammers. In addition, it is more environmentally friendly since the adjustable kickers are reusable. Adjustable kickers ensure that the concrete pad is accurate, level, and square—no matter where the pad is laid!

Why to use adjustable kickers:


  • Uses less concrete than a traditional concrete slab
  • Cost effective and efficient Stronger than traditional concrete pads.
  • Adjustable kickers ensure the concrete pad is accurate, level, and square every time with less environmental impact and less expense!
  • Cleaner construction that produces much less excavated material and waste
RibRaft Flooring Preparation

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